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Registered Electrical Contractor REC 26689
A-Class Electrician
Clean Energy Council Accredited – Grid Connect with Battery Storage endorsement

The Solar PV Accreditation Scheme covers stand-alone and grid-connected PV power supply systems, with endorsements for micro-hydro, small wind and hybrid systems.

By choosing an accredited installer, customers can feel confident that they will receive a high quality, safe and reliable solar PV system.

Accredited Solar Designer

An Accredited Designer aims to ensure that the efficiency of solar systems is maximised, and an industry reputation for ethical behaviour and concern for the environment is maintained. This includes:

  • Occupational safety risks of the site
  • Whether the roof is suitable for mounting the array
  • Solar access for the site
  • Whether any shading will occur and its estimated effect on performance
  • Orientation and tilt angle of the roof
  • Where the inverter will be located
  • Location of AC switchboards
  • Whether any switchboard or metering alterations are required.

Accredited Solar Designer

Clean Energy Council accredited installers have demonstrated that their solar PV systems meet our extremely high standards of safety and performance.

Using an accredited installer means you can have confidence in the safety, performance and reliability of your solar PV system for many years to come.

There’s also a financial benefit – to receive government rebates for your solar PV system, both the designer and installer must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council.